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          Gallery of Acts / Bands / Artists       
View / Listen to the videos and tell us which ones you like when you 'contact us'. 
We have many more similar to these in most cases for your wedding / event.
Please contact us with your specific requests. We have access to others similar to the ones seen above. 

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FUSION  -  6 pc.
Fun all night from Toledo, Mich.
Hot songs - pop, funk, rap, etc..

DAL BOUEY         A true ENTERTAINER providing you with the option of a FLOOR SHOW or simply dance 'all night long'.

The bands below represent only a sampling of our resources.

50 / 50 - We have access to and engage regularly about 50 bands from a 50 mile radius of Windsor / Detroit.
All bands are ones with which we have an on going relationship, some for many years, thereby reassuring you of their consistency and dependability.These below were picked to represent the ENTERTAINMENT VALUE that can be readily accessed. This entertainment comes from incredible lead vocalists, visual impact from movement on stage - choreographed or individual, and audience involvement to connect you to your music.

It is important to your wedding / event that the entertainment is enjoyable to WATCH as well as listen to !!!
Acts for Corporate Parties / Special Events
 AKASKA     Show and dance from Montreal
SERIEUX      Travelled the World for Motown
BRENA  -  6 piece   
 Hip, great vocals, kick it out dance!!!!

STILL RAIN -  5 pc 
Variety, variety and lots of current songs
ALL ACCESS       They never stop moving !!!!!!
CANCEL MONDAY  -  5 pc. or 8 pc 
Funk, Rock, Variety
Great vocals
Flashdance - WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!

NIGHTLINE - a ballad

TPT - The Phoenix Theory
a powerful 4 pc with all singing leads.
​Parallel 5th - full promo video for parties, wedding and 80''s show.
For full 80's experience visit

Pop. top 40 and rock
Look out audience - here they come!
SIMONE VITALE Band- 8 piece. 
THE top corporate band in Michigan
A list of powerful credits
NIGHTLINE - Dance til you drop
DAN RAFFERTY band - 6-8 pc
variety,more variety, and current